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About My Practice

Susan Kinkead-Acree, MD

Board-Certified Adult Psychiatry

 As a holistic physician, I am committed to helping my patients achieve optimum mental and physical health.  My treatment approach considers the interrelationships of body, mind, and spirit. In formulating a treatment plan, I work collaboratively with my patients to incorporate the most effective, evidence-based treatment options to meet their unique needs.  These options may include psychotherapy and traditional medication management, as well as lifestyle modifications and complimentary treatment approaches.  

Neuroscience researchers have shown with advanced neuroimaging technologies that the brain rewires itself throughout life through thinking, learning, and acting.  For this reason, I employ psychotherapy and mindfulness techniques as a mainstay of my practice to help my patients apply the power of their minds to make transformative changes in their lives. This potential for personal growth and life transformation is the neurobiological basis for hopefulness.  As a nontraditional student entering medical school in my 40's, I have experienced for myself that growth and renewal are possible with awareness, willingness, and mindful action. It is our birthright. Claim it!